Hi, Myself Pratik Bhatt

I have Overall, 11 Years of IT Industry Experience.

I am an IAM Consultant with rich background knowledge on IT Infrastructure Services which includes but not limited to end-user support, Software Asset Management and Licensing, data centre management, Green IT (IT Cost optimization). I have worked on every aspect of IT Service Delivery.

I have worked and delivered the services in multi-cultural teams. Have delivered IT/ITES Services to the various customers (including C level Executives) by adapting customer centric approach.

When not doing day to day job, I try to explore the ideas/solutions which can help customer/myself grow.

Since industry has moved to Infrastructure as Code, and am bit late to join the trend, I am trying to learn to code so that can deliver something better.

You can book a short meeting with me to know more ! - https://calendly.com/bhattpratik

My Interests

Poetry, Drama, Literature, Toastmasters International, Data Analytics,

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